Monday, October 27, 2008

Keeping track of those connections

Several of the students in my 21st Century journalism class have asked about how to find and reach a larger audience with their blogs. Right now, they've been mostly confined to our classroom. I'm the audience. However, that model's no different than just typing away on a word processor and handing in a sheet of paper.

The next four things I need to teach and encourage in class:

  1. They've got to register their blogs with a blog tracking service such as
  2. They have incorporate hyperlinks to other blogs they read as part of their writing.
  3. They have to keep reading other blogs to help spur ideas and thoughts for their own blogs so they can link back to those blogs when they write. See number two above.
  4. They have to leave comments on other people's blogs and get themselves involved in the discussion generated by someone's posting.
You know, the more I think about it, I can't just think of this as a prescribed step-by-step process. Yea, I can show them how to sign up for technorati and then subscribe to the feed for their blog links. It's going to take a broader approach and one that does more to provide a broader understanding of what a blog is, how to read one, what it's purpose is. I've touched on this before. In a way, it's like teaching a short story unit. You might start off with Edgar Allan Poe's theory of a short story, then you might read different examples that illustrate plot, irony, or symbolism.

That's where I am now, looking for resources on types of blogs, and examples to illustrate different components. Where should I go? Stay tuned.

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Jack said...

Hi, your web site is terrific! I like the methods you are using to weave 21st century teaching to your students. I publish a teacher ezine and would be interested in publishing some of your student blogs there as examples for other teachers. If you are interested let me know. I listed your blob on my blog in Education Network at Jack