Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Don't blog with students

Just came across this post on blogging with students - as in don't blog with students. This has hit a chord with me as I've struggled to make sense of the countless Web 2.0 teaching tools available. The biggest challenged I've faced is sorting through everything I'm absorbing and deciding what could best be used in my classroom next week, or next month.

Maybe I was missing something. And Kimberly Moritz put it into a little clearer perspective for me. She says, "Blog for you, for your own learning. Read what everyone out there has to say about education, about students, about NCLB, about techie stuff, about learning. Worry about your own growth first. Look for ideas you can use in your classroom. Learn. When you learn and grow, your students benefit."

That sounds awfully close to what I've been mulling around in my head, but struggled to put into words. Thanks, Kimberly. The process of blogging, in this case reading John Pederson who blogged about Kimberly, has helped me clarify my own thinking.

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