Friday, February 02, 2007

Say it ain't so Google

Check out this short video presentation about the power of Google. No, not the power of various Googleware applications that I use regularly, but more of a Big Brother take on the search engine giant. The video sounds some serious warnings about the ubiquity of Google. The two producers, doctoral students at a German university, claim that Google may be cooperating with the CIA to compiling a vast dossier of data on everyone, including possibly our genetic maps. Gulp.

But I guess I'd have to see more facts - something the movie provides little of - before I grow too suspicious of Google. I love Google. Maybe I'm just a modern day edublogging Winston Smith in the clutches of the information-gobbling Google...

So how do I love thee, Google? Let me list some ways: I use your calendar to keep track of my lesson plans and to maintain a documents & spreadsheets to post some of our school's school wide rubrics and other materials. I use your handy notebook to make notes to myself about things I read on the web. I play with your Earth a lot. I even have some of your Adsense ads at the bottom of this page.

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