Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's never too late for New Year's resolutions

New Year's is a time for resolutions, so here goes...

  • First, I resolve to continue blogging. And to continue soaking up as much as possible about the challenges and opportunities that exist for a newbie edublogger like myself. I already know a great resource - Bud the Teacher's wiki. It's got links to teachers using wikis and blogs, sample letters to parents, examples of acceptable use policies, and even vignettes with hypothetical scenarios relating to issues about blogging in education. It all comes courtesy of Bud the Teacher.
  • Next, I resolve to find more time to read as much of The Fischbowl as I can. Even if it means missing a few minutes of 24. Karl at Arapahoe High School has put together collection of blogs that blows my mind - classroom blogs, teacher cohorts, his own powerful insight. I've only scratched the surface of what's there. Just not enough time.
  • In class, I resolve to find time to incorporate more grammar instruction. I already have some great resources - Graycie has been posting grammar lessons on a regular basis, while The Reflective Teacher has an awesome post that explains how a sentence is a movie.
  • I also resolve to try another classroom wiki. My first venture, in which students paired off to write an analysis of a poem, was average at best. The next time I use a wiki, I want it to be as good as the one done by this class which was dicussing Life of Pi.
  • Finally, I resolve to continue learning from all my colleagues who are experimenting and finding creative ways to teach today's students. As I find them, I will link them to the right. If you haven't already, check out what's already there.

Did I miss any? What are your resolutions?

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